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Goostrey Parish. Ward councillor misleads over EA

(23 April update: the minutes have now been revised and replaced on the GPC website. )

Twemlow and Goostrey no to waste plant were saddened this month that our words were not entered into the minutes of the 9th April parish council meeting (yet the applicant’s comments reported in full).  Goostrey PC have agreed that the minutes will not be accepted at the next meeting (14th May) and our comments will be added with an apology.   Currently the Environment Agency object to the proposal (and have not written a favourable report as was reported), obviously we cannot say if they will change their minds after further changes to the application.

FYI, I repeat:

“Firstly, we have been accused of lies and exaggeration in the past so it was a relief to have our concerns confirmed in the EA report – as it backed up what we have been saying for the past year….the EA clearly agreeing with us that the “it won’t smell, we’ve got negative air pressure” approach was not going to work.  Since then the new Odour Management Plan goes someway in mitigation and we look forward to the comments from the EA team.  We continue to object as it is not a suitable location for an industrial AD waste plant, too close to homes, too much traffic and would be using such untried infrastructure.  A figure of 45% is quoted in the OMP for AD plants using the gas-mixing method but 0% of AD facilities use this design of tanks.

Secondly, I would like to raise the point from the meeting last month when Cllr Kolker reported that there was a favourable EA report.  When in fact the damning EA report was in the public domain the day before, objecting to the application and recommending refusal.    I feel strongly that the public should not be misled in this way.  As of today the EA have confirmed that they still object to this proposal.”  TAG 9th April 2013.



  1. Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers


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