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Cres stated at Goostrey’s parish AGM this week that the proposed AD plant would not be ‘dangerous’.

In fact the Industry regulation policy adviser at the Environment Agency, Howard Leberman, has stated that AD is not a low-risk activity and operators needed to recognise the risks associated with running an AD facility.

“You are dealing with an aggressive working environment,” Leberman warned. “Anybody that deals with an explosive gas/biogas runs the risk of catastrophic issues.  Loss of containment can wipe out an ecosystem, so it’s not low risk and you need to understand the risk at whatever scale.”

Cres said they would not be storing methane, yet the application includes a 40′ diameter, 20′ high, 500 cu.m gasholder and states that ‘the continual digestion of materials gives rise to a continual production in gas. The gas has high methane content.”  Biogas is 60% methane and would be continuously produced in the 5750 cu.m (60 yr old) tanks, it is hard to see that it would not be a potentially hazardous environment.



  1. In view of the age of the tanks and piping, will they have an inspection by an independent qualified person before a decision is made on the project? What precautions will there be on site if there is a fire or explosion?


  2. Those questions need to be directed to Cheshire East, Robin, email To test the tanks properly they should be tested inside and out – and as you know they are covered in earth so the outside cannot be inspected properly. The EA have pointed to their concerns about using these tanks for AD in their report.


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