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Dear Emma
12/0705W Twemlow AD waste and power plant
We would like to state that we continue to object to the above application and now ask that the proposal be refused in the light of :

· The Environment Agency have now reconfirmed their objection and recommend refusal, highlighting continued short-comings in the recent Cres Biogas Odour Management Plan documents.
· The Health Protection Agency commented that they cannot now conclude that the installation does not present a cause for public health concern.
· Goostrey Community Primary School commented that they have grave concerns.
· The Sec of State for Communities and Local Government concluded the close proximity to homes and nature of the proposal is likely to give rise to significant environmental effects with odours and potential for accidents.
· Cres Biogas Ltd stated in their note 5th April that they have been working closely with the EA for 25 months. Yet despite that length of time have clearly not been able to comply with the required standards despite many revisions of the Odour Management Plan, still stating that the existing 60 year old tanks are ‘well suited’ to AD despite the EA’s concerns.

At what point should it be declared futile to put further public money into this contentious proposal, twice objected to and recommended for refusal by the EA?
Indeed, CEC Leader Cllr Michael Jones said at Goostrey Parish Council’s recent AGM that if the EA recommended refusal then the application would not be given approval. As the EA have now rejected the awaited revisions this application should now be refused rather than be put on hold.
Twemlow and Goostrey no to waste plant Objectors’ Group


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