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Opposition to AD plants growing around the world

It is not just here in Twemlow and Goostrey that there is opposition to a local AD plant.

(This is an on-line translation so has occasional mistakes)

“National ‘No biogas’ networks have been established both in Germany and Italy. In Poland 130 out of 350 plants face local protests.

The protest against biogas facilities is growing over the world.  Not only in the affluent northern countries but also in  the so called developing countries where the international bioenergy lobby claims it is the wise solution for poor rural areas.  In Europe,  and North America opposition grows. In Germany, a national network has been established to campaign against biogas plants.”

Italian writer Michele Corti writes about the anti-biogas movements around Europe in the blog Sgonfia il Biogas (“Deflate the Biogas”).

read the full article here.

and the Canadian objector group’s post.


  1. This is an excellent website I have just found ! I live in Ramsbottom, Bury and we are now having to face the prospect of a further AD plant in Bury – yes we will have two !

    The second one will be 100 metres away from my home at the Fletcher Bank Quarry owned by Peel Holdings Environment and Marshalls. They plan to turn the quarry into a cesspit and turn the lovely landscaped tourist town that is Ramsbottom into a waste dump for the rest of Manchester. They say it will bring more jobs but when investigated further it will actually bring 5 more jobs and only 1 will be local as the other four are “specialised” – more jobs will be lost in this area because no one will want to come to sit out in the country pubs or quaint shops and the steam trains because of the stench emanating from this AD Plant over the whole of Shuttleworth and Ramsbottom !

    Indeed Peel have already started work on the foundations (even though it is registered Green Belt land and deer and other wildlife frequent the surrounding hills around the quarry) despite the fact they haven’t put their application into the planning department at Bury Council yet – they are very confident that it will get through and it will I would imagine it probably will knowing Peel’s pull on things they want they usually get.

    This website is fantastic and you should all be very proud of yourselves for fighting this cause and not letting them get away it.

    Good luck to you all.

    Ramsbottom (soon to be known as smelling as a Ram’s Bottom!) resident


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