Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | July 10, 2013

Won’t smell is empty pledge

Before you read the following, I know – it’s a household waste plant not an AD plant but the point isn’t the plague of flies or even the foul smells – no, it is the fact that it has an Environment Agency permit and it is the fact that residents and nearby businesses were told it wouldn’t smell.   Seemingly just because a plant is being regulated by the EA doesn’t mean it is faultless, so a pledge that a plant won’t smell is worthless.

Anger at Barrow Waste Plant’s plague of flies and foul smells        Friday, 14 June 2013, North West Evening Mail

The recent hot weather has led to complaints about foul smells and thousands of flies from the £25m Shanks Waste Management Centre descending on businesses at the Sowerby Woods industrial estate in Barrow.  A plague of flies at a new waste disposal plant is driving nearby workers to desperate measures – with threats of a staff walkout and even  a blockade being set up to stop more rubbish being dumped.

Ahead of its opening, Shanks manager Robert McCulloch,  who is responsible for the new mechanical biological treatment plant, vowed in  October last year that the plant  “would not be smelly’’ when operating.


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