Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | July 30, 2013

Cheshire East planning could face ‘special measures’

The Department for Communities and Local Government has revealed the identities of district councils which face being placed in ‘special measures’ for taking too long to determine major applications.

The department today published spreadsheets showing which councils are set to be subject to special measures that allow developers to bypass their planning departments.

13 authorities [including Cheshire East] face being placed in special measures on the basis of taking too long to determine major “county matters” planning applications, which broadly relate to minerals and waste.

“Councils say yes to 87 per cent of applications of this type, and have been focusing on working with developers to iron out problems, improve development and make the right decision rather than turning down an application to meet a deadline.

It means that rather than important decisions being made by elected representatives in a forum where local people can have a say, they will instead be made behind closed doors by an unelected bureaucrat from Bristol. This is a massive blow to transparency and a major step backwards for the planning system in this country.”  Mike Jones, Chairman, Local Government Assoc environment & housing board (and leader of Cheshire West)

to read more….Planning resources DCLG names councils by Jamie Carpenter


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