Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | August 3, 2013

Are odds stacked against Twemlow digester objectors?

Twemlow digester opponents don’t want to be ignored.

Shaun Spiers, Chief exec, Campaign to Protect Rural England writes in the Yorkshire Post:

“…..The Government says it is committed to localism and it is constantly reaffirming its support for the Green Belt.  Ministers such as the Prime Minister and the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles (a keen bird watcher) really do care about the countryside.  And the country is barely out of recession: there is hardly a building boom.

Why, then, are CPRE activists and other conservationists gloomier now than I have ever known them?  Why is there such a strong and widespread sense that the odds are stacked against local people trying to resist damaging development?

The answer, I am afraid, is because the odds really are stacked against them.  People are feeling ignored because they are being ignored, and there is growing evidence that local opinion, in town as well as country, is being dismissed whenever a developer can argue that building something, however poorly designed or poorly located, will help the economy.  At every stage, the needs of the economy are trumping those of the environment.”

“CPRE’s charter sets out a path for getting the development we need in ways that will safeguard our countryside and improve our towns. I hope readers will sign up on CPRE’s website,  We aim to create a groundswell of support that the Government and the other parties cannot ignore.”

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