Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | August 4, 2013

Vandals remove roadsigns on Twemlow Lane

Vandals removed Cheshire East Highways signs on Twemlow Lane on Saturday night.

The junction of Twemlow Lane/Goostrey Lane and the A535 was closed for the weekend by Cheshire East Highways (due to the roadworks for the new housing building site) yet at sometime before 6pm vandals overturned the 3 heavy Road Closed/diversion signs and removed the safety cones. Many cars drove through the zigzag closed section, some meeting head-on which was only wide enough for one car. Police and engineers attended, reporting that the signs at the Cranage end of Twemlow Lane had also been removed and thrown into a field.  Although the signs to stop access down Goostrey Lane were still in place.  After Police had replaced the Road Closed signs the vandals returned and removed them once again, flinging the cones to the side. Access was possible via Hermitage Lane but clearly some had no respect for Highways signs and did not want the effort of diverting.

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