Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | August 14, 2013

​Twemlow Parish Council ostriches?

Twemlow AD plant ‘no update’ in Parish Newsletters

It would seem that Twemlow Parish Council are acting somewhat like ostriches with their heads in the sand over the proposed Twemlow AD plant. 
Having just read their new Summer Newsletter it states that there is ‘no update’ on the application (as did the Spring, ​Winter ​and Autumn ​newsletters, ignoring Cheshire East’s request for more details and a follow-up second round of consultation in Sept/October) ​and just refers to the EIA. 
No update?
Perhaps they are not aware ~ or don’t want to mention ~ that since early March the Environment Agency have objected to the scheme (twice), that the Health Protection Agency have voiced concerns for public health, that Cheshire East asked the Government to direct if the applicant needed to provide an Environment Impact Assessment (yes), that Cres asked Cheshire East for a Scoping Opinion​, that Cheshire East have ‘stalled’ the application as they say it may take quite a number of months for Cres to produce the full Environment Impact Assessment information.  
Now that’s what I call an update. Can someone fill the councillors in?  (Cres maintain that they will answer the EA’s on-going concerns but, TAG repeat, it is too close to homes.)
Good to read though that the then TPC Chairman enjoyed the Buckingham Palace Garden Party,  Prince Philip once said that they’d had an anaerobic digester but it blew up.


  1. It does seem surprising that Twemlow parish council don’t update residents on the current situation of the AD plant application, given the scale and potential impact. Equally surprising that Goostrey parish council don’t seem to have mentioned the proposal at all in their ‘quarterly’ newsletters over the past twelve months either.


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