Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | August 19, 2013

MP calls for Biffa’s Cannock plant to close

Cannock Chase MP Aiden Burley “Time is now up for Biffa. They were initially given until August 2012…. Yet their engineering works have not solved the problems…It is not acceptable for my constituents to continue to suffer from these foul odours, and enough is enough. In June Biffa were told by the Environment Agency that they were drinking in the last chance saloon – today I am calling for closing time on their operations.”  12th Aug 2013

Officials at the Environment Agency however say there has been a ‘significant reduction’ in the strength of the smell and that the frequency of residents’ complaints has also dropped so they are not going to close the plant down at this stage. Though they are considering what action to take over a ‘serious incident’ at the beginning of August.

Responding to Mr Burley, Keith Woodward – director of safety, legal and corporate services at Biffa – said they “do not recognise what Mr Burley is now saying is happening on the ground.”

But a local resident says the Environment Agency’s claim that the situation was improving was unfounded. She said: “They are burying their heads in the sand, because complaints have certainly carried on. On one day alone they received over 20 calls.” Sources: and the Express and Star August 2013.

It seems that once an AD plant is built if it is causing problems then local residents have very little power in protecting their homes.  As the proposed site in Twemlow would be immediately adjacent to homes it is clearly not a suitable location.

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