Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | August 20, 2013

Fiona Bruce MP time to say too close

Is it time Twemlow MP recognises AD site is too close to homes?

Cannock Chase residents have been supported this week by their MP calling for the nearby AD plant to be closed, but what news of our local MP?

MP Fiona Bruce campaigned hard against the incinerator in Middlewich yet chooses not to involve herself with the proposed AD plant in Twemlow or make public comments as she says that both sides are constituents and have asked for her support.  However it is clear from her comments in Parliament in January last year, before the application was actually submitted, that Ms Bruce was in favour of it replacing the need for an incinerator in Middlewich !  Equally surprising is the phrase “with the support of Cheshire East Council” but perhaps, like us, they support the idea of AD as long as it is at an appropriate site.

Now that the Environment Agency have objected to the plans twice surely it is time that Ms Bruce agreed with us that the site would be too close to homes – and constituents.

Fiona Bruce 23rd January 2012 Hansard Column 65:

“Other initiatives in the constituency seek to reduce waste. Ray Brown, a farmer, proposes to convert an old Ministry of Defence fuel base into an anaerobic digester, with the support of Cheshire East council. It is anticipated that it will be able to take all the food waste from the entire population of Cheshire East, which covers not just my constituency but several others. That will raise Cheshire East’s recycling rates to a remarkable potential 90%. The scheme will also generate electricity and feed it into the grid. As I hope the Government will recognise, that should negate the need for an incinerator just 15 minutes away in Middlewich.”   


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