Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | October 22, 2013

Botulism on AD farm leads to cattle deaths

Twemlow and Goostrey no to waste plant (TAG) have been told that a Wrexham farm with an AD plant had cattle contract the serious illness Botulism.  The farmer explained that instead of ‘feeding’ poultry manure and litter into the digester their contractor unfortunately spread it on a field by mistake, leading to the deaths of some of the grazing cattle.

Sadly, accidents and human error can and do happen.  Would an AD plant in Twemlow put neighbouring farm animals at risk?

AHVLA  Animals can become affected through direct access to litter when it has been heaped or spread in the field where they are grazing, and indirectly from litter on a neighbour’s  premises, possibly as the result of carcase movement by scavenging birds and animals 

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