Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | March 17, 2014

Guardian writer queries AD wisdom

“Morally questionable – is anaerobic digestion really working?

It has been touted as one of the great waste solutions – but is anaerobic digestion gobbling up actual waste?  Or is it sucking up valuable food surplus?

There is, no doubt, some genuinely unavoidable food waste. And as a disposal method for this type of waste, anaerobic digestion was undoubtedly a good idea. AD, it is true, generates energy and produces fertilizer as a by-product. But the energy available at the end of the AD process is dwarfed by the energy required to produce the wasted food it uses. To that extent, it is incredibly inefficient and to refer to it as a ‘renewable’ source of energy, as many do, is stretching the definition to breaking point.

AD is now growing into a hungry beast with an insatiable appetite. Surely you wouldn’t set aside land specifically to grow food to feed AD plants? The UK has a growing network of such plants, funded by investment, government incentives (although these are expected to fall by 20% from April) and green energy tariffs, all hungry for food to generate the electricity to sell into the national grid to repay the capital investment.”

read more in the whole article by Mark Linehan The Guardian 14th March 2014

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