Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | March 18, 2014

Councillor calls for AD safety

Cheshire East Leader Cllr Michael Jones, on Silk FM this morning, explained that the Twemlow AD application is on hold while the EA seek more detail.

In regard to the distance from homes he made the commitment that “Mr Brown has got to get it right if it’s going to come forward and it’s got to be absolutely safe, and if it’s not then we will definitely refuse it”,

he added that “we are working together with the EA”, and was “impressed that the Environment Agency are being very strong”.

TAG suggest that larger industrial foodwaste AD plants, such as the Twemlow proposal, should have a regulated minimum distance from homes to stop the waste of public money in considering inappropriately sited applications  – currently only smaller plants have to be 200 metres away from housing under EA regulations.  There are more than 40 homes within 200 metres of this site – including 13 brand new affordable homes.



  1. There are more reasons than safety – e.g. in the light of all the other permitted plants that have caused dreadful pongs to residents living 100’s of metres away. The Twemlow site is clearly unsuitable for proximity alone with homes immediately adjacent to it.


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