Posted by: tagnotowasteplant | April 22, 2014

Peers say food should go to foodbanks not AD

A report from a House of Lords Committee this month, “Counting the cost of food waste: EU food waste prevention“, proposes that waste food all along the food chain should be distributed for human consumption, or animal consumption where safe, rather than sent to Anaerobic Digesters.

In the report Waitrose ‘acknowledged that there is a clear temptation, on economic grounds, to prioritise energy recovery over redistribution, although Waitrose itself is supportive of redistribution, as it prefers to have “food used as food” ‘.

Another witness, Feeding the 5,000, was clear that food that cannot be redistributed is also more energy efficient when fed back to animals than transforming it into energy.  The WWF UK agreed, “if we are going to make this food, we ought to eat it as people, and then it should go to the livestock”, rather than being transformed back into energy.

The report hopes to inspire the prevention and reduction of food waste, from producers through retailers to consumers, and the committee heard from witness such as WRAP from the waste management industry and ADBA, the voice of the AD and biogas industry.

EU regulations dictates the ‘waste hierarchy’ order, from prevention through to disposal.  This report asks for Government action to encourage “greater emphasis in the redistribution of surplus food to humans, through food banks and charities.  If food is not suitable for human consumption, it should then be transferred to animals if safe to do so.”

House of Lords, European Union Committee 6th April 2014



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