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Farmers banned over digestate smells

Digestate spreading banned due to foul smells

The Poplars site at Cannock has had well-documented odour issues – but protests about a ‘stink’ received from neighbours late last year were after farmers started using digestate from the plant.  The local paper reports that the environmental health department stepped in and banned farmers from spreading the digestate, produced by the anaerobic digestion process, as fertiliser on fields due to the foul smell.

Farmers have been banned from using fertiliser that comes from a controversial waste plant because of complaints from residents about foul smells.

Answers are being demanded about the Biffa anaerobic digester and adjoining landfill site in Cannock following fears among householders that the company that runs the site may remain for there least another 20 years.

Scrutiny chiefs in the town are calling on the company to give an estimated date for the firm’s departure from the Poplars site.

The two companies are among a string of businesses that have been called to task by the authority over the air quality in Cannock.

Protests about a stink at Biffa were received from neighbours late last year after farmers started using digestate from the plant, which breaks down foodstuffs and other organic matter, as fertiliser on their fields.

The practice was stopped after intervention by the environmental health department.  April 2014 Express & Star

express & star April 2014







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