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Environment Agency decision

The EA have announced that they have refused a permit for the proposed AD facility at Twemlow.

Refusal notice of permit:   Cres Biogas EA Refusal Notice 

The odour management plan and subsequent versions have not satisfied the Agency that this facility will be able to control odour emissions.  The environmental impact of the proposed development in this location cannot be satisfactorily mitigated in this location due to its impact on sensitive receptors.”       EA Planning Liaison Officer to CEC 8th July 2014

TAG [Twemlow and Goostrey no to waste plant] believe that the site is too close to homes, immediately adjacent to housing, so that any smells emanating from the plant and the large amounts of traffic involved would have had a huge impact on the community.

TAG’s chairman Kit Tomkinson said,

“We are relieved that the EA has recognised that the Twemlow site is the wrong location for an industrial AD plant; it would have been immediately adjacent to housing, with 40 homes within 200 metres of its boundary.  The failed Odour Management Plan would have been a key component of the Environment Impact Assessment, which the Government instructed Cheshire East Council to obtain from the applicant last year.  The stalled planning application, to which objections had been made by more than 600 people, is therefore now effectively dead.”

“This decision shows that the Government should require the EA to set a minimum distance from housing for all large AD plants – as well as the 200 metre exclusion zone from the homes it requires for small scale on-farm plants.  Accidents can and do happen – as experienced at the AD plant at Harper Adams Agricultural University twice in the last 18 months – and as residents living near other large scale plants have found to their cost there is a high odour potential associated with rotting food waste and farm slurries.”

“If a minimum distance policy had been applied, large amounts of time and public money would not have been wasted by Government agencies and local authorities in considering inappropriate sites such as this one in Twemlow, which has been under close scrutiny for more than two years.”

.Knutsford Guardian article


  1. Common sense finally prevails. On reflection, the applicant’s motivation for the scheme has always been commercial rather than of benefit to our community. Waste plants have their place and their use – there’s not doubt in that. However, why anyone in their right mind would want to build one so close to so many beautiful family homes will always remain a mystery to me.

    The applicant, in my view, needs to learn from this and gracefully accept the EA’s ruling and the wishes of the majority who love where they live and wish to protect it.

    However, all said and done, we ought not to stand in the way of progress. This application may well have failed, but what remains is an opportunity to do something hugely positive with the old MOD facility.

    If the applicant wishes to grasp the idea of an alternative and much more rewarding scenario that all of us in Twemlow and Goostrey would welcome, I’m up for a conversation.

    In the meantime, my personal thanks go to the level-headed professionalism of the Environment Agency for a refusal that is absolutely 100% RIGHT.


  2. Even though the EA have thrown this ridiculous plan out finally, do we not also need Cheshire East planning to do the same to completely close this down?


  3. Yes Justin, exactly, and Cres Biogas could decide to appeal the EA’s decision – we will keep you posted. But it is nevertheless a positive step. [At present the planning application with Cheshire East is ‘stalled’ until Environment Impact Assessment documents are submitted.]


  4. Great let’s hope that’s just a formality then as they’d essentially passed the buck to EA – well done to all!


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