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Full EA Refusal report published on Twemlow AD waste plant

Cheshire East has now published the full 34 page EA refusal for the proposed Twemlow AD Waste plant 12/0705W  :

EA Decision link.

The EA showed strong grounds for refusal at this location ….

Tanks not fit for purpose.

“It is very difficult to achieve good mixing in purpose designed tanks and the fact that this site proposes to use former MOD fuel storage tanks add further to this concern.”

“How will the gas holding integrity of the tanks be assessed? They are over 60 years old and were never designed to be gas tight. How will the ingress of ambient air be consistently prevented at the planned low pressures within the digester tanks? This is important because significant air ingress could result in the formation of explosive mixtures within the tanks.”  [page 12]


“the containment and abatement proposals do not demonstrate that odours will be effectively controlled.”  [page 16]

“given the significant potential for odour the measures proposed would not minimise annoyance.” [page 17]

Proximity to housing.

“The problem is that any fugitive emissions have the potential to cause odour pollution beyond the site boundary given the proximity of the receptors.”

“we can offer no assurance that it will be possible to demonstrate an appropriate level of process control in such a challenging environment given the proximity of sensitive receptors.  The Agency believe that there is a high likelihood that the site will cause odour pollution beyond the site boundary ”  [page 17]

The EA concludes;  “…the Agency is unsure whether it will be possible to avoid significant odour pollution with the feedstock materials proposed and in such close proximity to neighbours.”  [page 21]

As we have said all along – the site is too close to homes.  Read the full report; Environment Agency reasons for refusal. 

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