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Consett residents in a stink

A report from August of an AD plant in Consett, County Durham that “left residents in a stink after a summer-long stench blighted neighbours”;  one resident saying residents had been made prisoners in their own homes with smells from a storage lagoon.

From Chronicle Live by Will Metcalfe 21 Aug 2015….

The anaerobic digester, based on the Thomas Swan site in the town, went live in March this year producing energy by processing silage and harnessing the by-products.

However, materials had been stored at the site for almost a year before the site was put into use and Hallwick Energy, the firm behind the scheme, said the material had began to decompose resulting in a foul smell.

And the mum-of-three, who lives in nearby Newbell Court, said she has spent her summer indoors as a result of the smell.

Ms Fernandez said: “I can’t open the windows, I’ve not been able to go in the garden.

“It’s disgusting.

“Part of the submission when this went to planning said there would be a bad smell for one day a year but this has been almost everyday since it started running.  We’ve put up with it for a long time.”

Ms Fernandez, who runs a dog grooming business, said she repeatedly raised concerns but Hallwick Energy failed to take action.

She added: “They invited us down but to me, I don’t want to know how it works. I feel like they have fobbed us off.  Everybody who lives in this area is experiencing the same problem.  The smell has been so bad you couldn’t open windows, it has stopped for now but I am worried it will start again when it gets hot.”

The firm invited residents to the plant and is now confident the problems have been eradicated and pledged to keep an open dialogue with anyone who has taken issue with the plant.

A statement from Hallwick Energy said: “The odour issues at the anaerobic digestion plant were caused by effluent run-off from the silage clamps that had degraded in the lagoon over a long period.  Under normal operations this liquid is constantly recycled but because there were crops stored onsite for nearly a year before the plant became fully operational the liquid was just sitting in the lagoon.

“As summer came and the weather warmed up this material further degraded and produced unpleasant odours. The lagoon was completely emptied and the material disposed of off-site.  On emptying the lagoon, a tear in the liner was discovered which would also have contributed to the issue, so the liner was completely replaced.  The complaints from locals have fallen dramatically since the lagoon was emptied.

“Complainants have been invited to visit the plant to see how the process works, what caused the problem and what has been done about it. Several residents have taken up this opportunity.  We will continue to monitor the situation, keep the local community informed and continue to do all that we can to make sure the plant doesn’t cause any further nuisance.”  ChronicleLive Aug 2015


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