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This site is no longer manned.  We hope you find the information on it of use.

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  1. Hello would you mind emailing me a copy of Objection Letter 12 0705W, so that I can edit and send it off. thanks Mike Wilson


  2. Dear Sir / Madam
    My name is Mark Hough and i am a resident of Huntington near Cannock.
    I am asking you for your help. We face a planning application that almost mirrors your situation.
    We would be very appreciative if you could give any advice as to how to compose objection letters.
    Many Thanks


  3. Hi

    I did a trial with an Eco friendly product at a Biffa landfill site about 6 years ago.It was a huge success and eradicated the odours from a large site.
    We made a flyer showing our results and with the biffa logo on it.I got an email from the CEO complaining about us using the logo,they ignored our results because of the cost (avarage £30,000 per landfill per year ).Shame you are suffering when we had a solution ………….


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