Other AD site objectors

Other areas fighting AD plants :

[Attleborough, Norfolk – see comment below]


  1. Attleborough Norfolk : Steven Suggitt AD plant planned at 1mw built at 1.5mw and fails to meet odour and noise levels yet the council and EA fail to act, works to 11.30pm and gets changes to his planning requests so he operates as he wishes with almost nobody regulating the site, or take any interest.
    This contractor owns no land and rents land 33 miles from site to grow his maize,i wonder why he does not grow it in local fields as his planning app stated, that was the nice coloured map on the town hall wall saying look how green we are with all the nice photos of “oilseed rape”. 66 mile round trip, not very green? and hauls it in using his contracting plant using red diesel !.
    is that legal, only turned two tractor and trailers over this year in local roads, lucky nobody injured or killed given 17 year olds driving a 38-40 ton total weights tractor and trailers.
    Do not believe any AD planning applications,it starts small then they bring in all other products inc rotting vegetable and factory waste.
    we operate a small business from a small farm and staff have to go home in the summer when the stench is so bad people are sick and feel unwell.
    its 140 metres from our bedroom window and we hear the generator and loading shovel as if its in our garden,the EA advice is to close the window.
    During their harvest the site starts at 6am until 11.30pm and we have 84dba in our bedroom from the vast plant operating, this season past we had two days of quiet when the lease/HP company repossessed the tractors and items of plant as advised by a local farmer who would not like to be named.
    object to all applications if they are near your home or place of work, its wrong that a business making private profit receives such large grant monies professing to be a green company, its fallacy on behalf of the government not having stricter controls in place.


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