The application

Cres Biogas Ltd planning application for an AD waste and power plant, Twemlow

Meeting Britain’s energy needs should not be used to justify the wrong development in the wrong location” Eric Pickles, Dept of Community and Local Government

“For an AD site, ideally the proposed site should be 1km away from any houses, close to a dual carriageway”…………Ray Williams, Principal Consultant at ADAS


The documents for the refused AD waste and power plant by Cres Biogas Ltd in Twemlow can still be seen by following the Planning Application 12/0705W  link to the Cheshire East planning page: ‘design, access and supporting statements’ cover the details of the proposal.  In April 2013 the Sec of State directed that an Environmental Impact Assessment was required: 13/2329S.

The Permit was refused by the Environment Agency in 2014.

Cheshire East refused Planning Permission in August 2015.

No AD plant has used this design of 60 yr old tank before

inside one of the tanks

The application

The application was to import 47,000 tonnes per annum of foodwaste, slurry, poultry manure, maize and grass and export 42,000 tonnes of digestate.  The AD process would produce a biogas (60% methane) and two power units would generate 1.2MW of electricity for sale to the national grid.  The scheme would also receive large subsidies from the government (funded by tax and higher electricity bills).

The site

The site is immediately next to homes along Twemlow Lane and Goostrey Lane. The proposal would use the 6 existing 60 year old (abandoned for 30 years) ex-MoD fuel storage tanks and pipes.  Cres Biogas Ltd show that 3 of the 5750 cu.m tanks (working volume of 4700 cu.m) would be used as digesters, the remaining tanks would store the liquid digestate before being exported or spread on nearby fields.

The proposal included

6 existing tanks,  98′ diameter.  24′ high (semi-submerged 14′ above ground)

Reception building,   216′ long .  40′ high

Dry digestate storage shed,  49′ x 131′ .  over 20′ high

2 CHP combined heat and power generators,  33′ x 8′ . 10′ high

2 storage buffer tanks,  liquids and foodwaste,   20′ diameter .  16′ high

1 pasteurisation tank

500 cu.m Gas holder,  40′ diameter . 20′ high

gas flare,  40′ high

3 chimneys,  40′ high  [1 Biofilter stack + 2 CHP stacks]

(all measurements approx.)

Aerial montage

Site plan showing houses on border

Proposed Twemlow Lane site plan

Reception building

Reception building

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