Cyclists J2/9

J2/9 TT under threat

J2/9 Cyclists time trial circuit down Twemlow Lane: 25 mile TTs, Withington – Chelford – Ollerton – Twemlow

Twemlow Lane is used as part of a Cycling Time Trials route J2/9.  In a rural area we understand that dairy cows cross lanes to be milked but the increase in HGV and large Tanker/Tractor traffic, for an industrial scale AD plant importing 47,000 tonnes, would have a detrimental effect on all (inc horse riders too) but especially cyclists who frequently use the lane for time trials and races.

May 2013:  Twemlow Parish Council are suggesting traffic lights at Twemlow Lane bridge over the railway – this would further affect cyclists’ time trials in the area.  Please email Cheshire East Council and object to application ref 12/0705W to and copy it to Twemlow Parish Council via the clerk at

Twemlow Parish Council originally suggested to CeC  installing traffic lights 28th March 2012 at the bridge beside the entrance to the proposed site…stating  “There has to be….a consideration for the railway bridge on Twemlow Lane.  It was a danger currently and needed a prior traffic analysis conducting.  It is impossible for two tractors to pass and if two cars pass the visibility is restricted and reports have been frequent to the PC regarding accidents.  Twemlow Lane is a ‘cut through’ for people from the A50. The weight restriction is neither implemented nor adhered to.  A suggestion is to install traffic lights or widen the bridge.”  TPC comment to Cheshire East.

Many thanks to Manchester and District Time Trialling Association and Manchester and District Ladies Cycling Association for giving us their support.  We hope you will let Cheshire East know your concerns.

“Twemlow Lane is a vital link in a time trial circuit that has been used by the cycling community for many decades and if we lose it we quite literally kill our sport in the Region.  Not only will this devastate a great many people who are passionate about enjoying riding these beautiful lanes but Goostrey Village Hall which is booked week in week out for these events will entirely lose this business, as will Cranage and Allostock village halls.  Traffic lights on this lane are totally unnecessary and in all the years that I’ve been regularly using this lane I have never heard of a single incident on this bridge. If safety is a concern then make it a priority bridge with a give way giving priority to traffic coming from the Cranage direction.  If lights are used regular users will grow impatient at continually having to stop when nothing is coming the other way and this will be even more dangerous as they will jump the lights on red.  As for the waste plant …. absolutely criminal if that goes ahead in such a beautiful and quiet rural village!!  Just for a change these days can we have status quo and allow people to enjoy what they have instead of being trodden on by the money men and the health and safety police.”  Dave Fearon


  1. They need to stop trying to spend their budgets on pointless projects and allow people to make their own decisions.
    If someone wants to drive at high speed over a bridge then so be it. Others just need to be vigilant as always.


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