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Anaerobic Digestion poems for Twemlow


You might not understand me wid a peg upon my dose,
But wid an AD plant round de corner dat’s de way it goes.
Plans are afoot to industrialise where cattle currently graze. 
And if planners allow this monster it certainly will amaze.
Too close to homes for noise and odours, I hear you say oh pooh,
Particulates, bio-aerosols, it’s a whole new language too.
And how much traffic? It seems to change whenever we have asked,
But we know the lane’s too narrow for tankers to safely pass.
We’re told there won’t be odours we’re told it will not smell,
But we have looked up other plants and they don’t seem to do so well.
Negative pressure extractor fans don’t seem to stop the stink
So let’s hope our elected servants take time to stop and think.
Does it save the council money if they give it the green light?
To stop the farmer appealing and putting up a fight?
Let’s hope they think of people, living all around
And send this proposal packing so its feet won’t touch the ground.
Let’s keep the villages rural, let’s keep the villages green
Let’s join together to object and make our feelings seen.
It isn’t for our community, we would not benefit
And house prices in the area would surely take a hit.
It would only be for one man’s gain and any who’ve invested
To soak the local fields round here with effluent digestate.
So do we need it? Do we heck, it must not be said in jest
Please object with us to rid our village of this parasitic pest.

TAG  Nov 2012


There’s a pretty place in Cheshire,
That is purely picturesque,
It grows gooseberries as a hobby,
And hosts a Rose Queen Fest.

There’s always a friendly face
Whenever you go a wander,
A wave, a nod, a ‘How are you?’
Or have a longer ponder.

Now there’s a “rumble in the jungle”,
And Sugar Ray is your man!
He wants to make a Grizzly Guzzler
The heart of our leafy village plan.

It’s causing a heartfelt worry,
And for some of us bad taste,
To host an enormous digester
To eat all and sundry’s waste.

He hopes to use dated, dormant pipework
For this menacing monsters veins……
Er, “hello” doesn’t the landowner
Surely hold the reins!!!

Supposedly it runs pretty quiet.
It doesn’t make much sound,
And we’re told no smelly smells
Will rise from underground.

Yeah right!! A pig flew by,
And what about the traffic…..
Vessels thundering up and down,
Spewing food to this beast to be graphic.

Oh, and then there’s the wild life,
Mother Natures very own,
Won’t all this mass disruption
Cause them to leave their home?

It’s not that we’re against it,
This idea to digest all discard.
By all means “go ahead and do it!”
But not in Twemlow our backyard!!!!

Concerned Twemlow Residents, Aug 2012

Dear Santa…

As Christmas creeps towards us,
I’m ticking off my chores,
Someone I had to go and see
Was ‘The Big Fella’ Santa Claus.
Now I know he’s for the little ‘uns,
But I went to speak my mind
‘Cos this village is their future,
And he’s the ‘king of kind’.
I told him how we’re feeling;
Sad and worried for this place.
I said we loved our village,
And our very special space.
He leant and whispered to me
And a lump came in my throat.
Was I really dreaming
About the man in ‘The Big Red Coat’?
He said “when I soar high with Rudolph
On the extra magical night,
Tinkerbelle will sprinkle fairy dust
To help you with your plight”.
So meltdown and have a Merry Christmas
And embrace the winter fest
Sip mulled wine and munch mince pies,
Knowing this year we’ve done our best.  
Dec 2012


  1. Bravo! N. I. A. B. Y.
    Not In Anyone’s Back Yard. This is no longer an AD plant for local farmers slurry but an industrial waste plant.


  2. Perfectly written….


  3. Absolutely brilliant…


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